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Bowers Butchers

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71 Lynn Road


King's Lynn


PE30 4PR


Leg of Lamb £11.40kg

Shoulder of Lamb £9.40kg

Rack of Lamb £16.50kg

Best End Rolled £16.50kg

Chump Chops £16.50kg

Barnsley Chops £16.50kg

Loin Chops £16.50kg

Breast of Lamb £6.80kg

Lamb Mince £9.50kg

Lamb neck fillets £12.50kg

Neck of Lamb £6.80kg

Diced Stewing Lamb £9.50kg

Lamb Pinwheel £1.99 per portion





Sausages & Burgers

Gammon & Bacon

Cooked Meats & Deli

Pies & Pastries




AWARD Winning Traditional Norfolk Pork Sausage  £8.90kg                                        

Norfolk Pork Chipolatas  £9.00kg                                                        

Lincolnshire Pork Sausage £9.00kg

Sausage Meat £8.90kg

Pork & Leek £9.20kg

Award Winning Pork & Wherry £9.50kg

Pork & Apple £9.20kg

Pork & Cracked Black Pepper £9.20kg

Cumberland £9.20kg

Chorizo £9.20kg

Gluten Free Pork Sausage £9.20kg


Christmas Pig in blankets £9.50kg


Beef Burgers 95p each

Pork and Apple Burgers 95p each

Lamb and Mint Burgers 95p each

Venison Burgers £1.25 each (Only available in season)

Lamb Kofta Kebabs £1.00 each


Gammon Joint £8.90kg

Gammon Steaks £8.90kg

Streaky Bacon £8.60kg

Smoked back Bacon £8.75kg

Unsmoked back Bacon £8.75kg

Bowers' Home Cured Bacon £9.50kg


Loin of Pork, boneless £9.50kg

Loin of  Pork, bone in £9.40kg

Leg of Pork, boneless £9.40kg

Leg of Pork, bone in £8.60kg

Shoulder of Pork, boneless £8.40

Pork Steaks £9.80kg

Pork Loin Chops £9.45kg

Boneless Pork Chops £9.60

Spare Rib Chops £9.40kg

Belly of Pork £8.60kg

Pork Ribs £8.40kg

Tenderloin £10.50kg

Pork Mince £8.60kg

Pig's Liver £4.50kg

Pig's Kidneys £4.50kg

Pig's Heart £4.50kg

Pig's Tongue £4.50kg





Steak Mince £9.40kg

Braising Steak £9.80kg

Stewing Beef £9.40kg

Silverside £10.40kg

Topside £10.40kg

Top Rump £10.40kg

Brisket £8.60kg

Skirt £9.60kg

Shin £9.40kg

4 Rib on the bone £18.50kg

4 Rib off the bone £25.50kg

Rolled Sirloin £25.50kg

Rump Steak £21.00kg

Sirloin Steak £32.00kg

Rib-eye Steak £32.00kg

Fillet Steak £42.00kg

Flat iron steaks £9.50kg

Oxtail £8.60kg

Ox Cheek £9.00

Ox Tongue £5.80kg

Ox Liver £4.50kg

Ox Kidney £4.50kg

Ox Heart £6.50kg


Home-cooked Ham £16.50kg

Pressed Ox Tongue £16.50kg

Roast Pork £16.50kg

Roast Beef £16.50kg

Haselet £12.50kg

Cooked Gammon Hock £3.85 each

Faggots 75p each

AWARD Winning Coarse Liver Pate £7.50kg

Smooth Chicken Liver Pate £9.00kg

Pork Cheese £2.20 each

Pork Dripping £2.00 each

Ham Hock Terrines £1.50 each



Stilton £14.50 kg

Mature Cheddar £12.50kg


Eggs (large) £3.30 dozen


Local Norfolk Honey £5.25 454g jar

Stocks sauces £3.50

New AWARD Winning Hands on Preserves

             Pink grapefruit Marmalade £3.50

             Lemon and lime Marmalade £3.50

             Seville Orange Marmalade £3.50

             Norfolk strawberry jam £3.50

             Pickled shallots £5.00

Munns Duck Fat 150g Jar £2.50











Whole Chicken £4.85kg

Chicken Breast £12.55kg

Chicken Legs £4.85kg

Chicken Drumsticks £45.50kg

Chicken  Thighs £5.50kg

Chicken Mince £4.85kg

Chicken Wings £1.25kg

Chicken Livers £2.50, 250g tub


Sauage Rolls 90p each

AWARD Winning Pork pies:

                Small £2.10 each

                Medium £5.00 each

                Large £9.50 each

Pasties £2.00 each

Scotch Eggs £1.50 each

Cheese & Bacon Slice £1.60 each

Sausage & Onion Tart £4.20 each

Tomato & Ham Quiche £3.90 each

Small quiches £1.25 each

Shepherd's Pie £3.90 each

Liver & Bacon Pie £3.90 each

Steak Pies:

small £2.00, large £4.99 each

Steak & Kidney Pies:

small £2.00, large £4.99 each

Steak & Mushroom Pies:

small £2.00, large £4.99 each

Steak & Guinness Pie

small £2.20, Large £5.20each

Beef Mince & Onion Pies:

small £2.00, large £4.99 each

Chicken & Mushroom Pies:

small £2.00, large £4.99 each

Steak and Ale pies £4.00 each


We endeavour to keep this price list as up to date as possible.  Prices are subject to change.


Beef (hung for 29 days)

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Diced vension £14.50

Vension joints £15.50

Vesion steaks £19.50

Wild rabbits £4.99

Whole ducks £13.55 each

Duck breast £9.50 pack of 2

Partridges £4.99 a brace

Pheasants £7.50 a brace

Pigeons £4.00 a brace